bismuthSketch of a low-level stack language with lambdas 3 years
cirsimMy first attempt in circuit simulation 2 years
cryptrobberCrypt Robber will break given ciphertext on your command. 3 years
csxCSX extends C with S-expressions 7 months
magiANSI C library implementing CGI 7 months
suemSuen Emulator 7 months
suenA simple computer on M68k 7 months
takethisIt's dangerous to go alone! Take this. 3 years
telaTemplate Language module in ANSI C 7 months
texoText-to-text markup languages converter 7 months
vsdnsVery Simple DNS ANSI C module 7 months
vslicenseVery Simple License 7 months
vsvsVery Simple Values Storage 3 years
xiftXML sift 3 years